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Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Execute Synchronization Commands

For those who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse, SyncBreeze provides the ability to associate custom keyboard shortcuts with user-defined file synchronization commands. In order to set a custom keyboard shortcut for a file synchronization command, select the command item, press the right mouse button and select the 'Set Keyboard Shortcut' menu item.

SyncBreeze Keyboard Shortcuts

On the shortcut dialog, enter a custom key sequence and press the 'Ok' button. Now, just type the selected key sequence and SyncBreeze will start the associated file synchronization command.

SyncBreeze Set Keyboard Shortcut

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts for file synchronization commands, SyncBreeze provides the user with the ability to customize all pre-defined functional keyboard shortcuts. In order to customize pre-defined keyboard shortcuts, select the 'Tools - Advanced Options' menu item to open the options dialog and select the 'Shortcuts' tab.