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Synchronizing Multiple Directory Pairs in a Single Command

One of the most powerful features provided by SyncBreeze Pro and SyncBreeze Server is the ability to synchronize multiple directory pairs in a single file synchronization command. In order to specify multiple directories for a file synchronization command, open the command dialog, select the 'General' tab, select the 'Expert' configuration mode and add all the required directory pairs.

Multi-Way File Synchronization

For each directory pair, the user is provided with the ability to specify a source directory, a destination directory, an optional tertiary destination directory and the file synchronization mode that should be used for this specific directory pair. During runtime, SyncBreeze will synchronize all directory pair sequentially, one after one, in the same order as the directory pairs are specified in the sync command dialog. In order to change the order of the specified directory pairs, select a directory pair item, press the right mouse button and select the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' menu item.