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SyncBreeze Server Client Application

SyncBreeze Server provides a client GUI application, which is capable of controlling one or more SyncBreeze Servers locally or through the network. The client GUI application allows one to configure file synchronization commands, setup periodic file synchronization operations, control execution of file synchronization commands, setup error logs and E-Mail notifications, configure advanced server options, etc.

In order to connect to a remote SyncBreeze server through the network, press the 'Connect' button located on the main toolbar, enter the host name (or an IP address) of the server to connect to, enter the SyncBreeze user name and password (default is admin/admin) and press the 'Connect' button.

When connected to a SyncBreeze server, the client application displays file synchronization commands configured on the server and allows one to start file synchronization operations, add, edit, delete file synchronization commands and manage advanced server options. In order to add a new file synchronization command, press the 'Add' button located on the main toolbar, specify a unique command name, enter the source and destination directories to synchronize and press the 'Save' button.

Now, in order to start the file synchronization command, select the command item, press the right mouse button and select the 'Start Command' menu item. The file synchronization command will be executed on the SyncBreeze server while the file synchronization status dialog will be displayed in the client GUI application, which can be connected to the server remotely through the network.