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Scheduling Periodic File Synchronization

Another advanced option provided by SyncBreeze is the ability to execute file synchronization commands periodically at user-specified time intervals. In addition, SyncBreeze allows one to schedule daily or weekly sync operations to be performed at a specific time of the day. The major reason to execute a file synchronization command periodically is to continuously keep a frequently changing directory synchronized with a backup directory located on an external USB disk or a NAS storage device.

Periodic File Synchronization

In order to enable periodic file synchronization for a sync command, open the command dialog, select the 'Advanced' tab, specify the time period to execute the file synchronization command and press the 'Save' button.

Scheduled File Synchronization

For all periodic file synchronization commands, SyncBreeze displays the time remaining to the next sync operation. After each elapse of the specified time period, SyncBreeze will start the file synchronization command in the background and mark it as 'Active' in the status field. In order to open a synchronization process dialog for an active sync command, click on the command item in the sync commands view. After finishing a periodic file synchronization command, SyncBreeze will update the command status reset periodic sync timer.